Monday, April 12, 2010

Reversible headband

Today I made a reversible headband.

I am actually taking my challenge i posted this weekend, of making projects from things you already have around the house....

It only took about 15 minutes to easy!

Here it is with me wearing it....I HATE pictures of myself, but the kids were in school, so I couldn't use Joely...Im sure I'll remove any pictures of me and switch them with her wearing the headband....but until then...

Here is the headband one way

And here is the other side of fabric...

(obviously I cant center the picture either when I am taking one of myself)

easy-peasy mac and cheesy!

Sorry, I didn't add a tutorial. I just used this easy one found here.
Can be seen linked to some sites here



  1. Cute! I should make some of these for myself :)

    You look good by the way, but I totally understand the taking pictures of yourself awkwardness :)

  2. Hey it's nice to SEE you :) Love it! I totally am going to make one!

  3. ha ha's not so nice to SEE me!

  4. so is THIS what you were going to use ALL of that fabric for?? Have I missed the big reveal of that pretty fabric posted a few posts back?

    Cute headband ... see now ... you look cute in one.

    I just can't pull it off ... the look ... I COULD pull off a headband. {sorry its the end of the week ... getting a bit slap-happy.}

  5. This is super fabulous! :)
    We have a friday fun finds party that's still going- we'd love it if you'd link up.


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