Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yo Ho Ho

Okay, so here is the conversation I had the other night....

Joel "you do way to much, I feel like there is always something we are preparing for; some party, some event....blah blah blah" I hear this conversation often, and it's 100% true, I usually do have more going on then I have time for. But then the other night I had mentioned that someone had featured my blog, and I really don't have anyone to be excited with, so I try to spread my joy with Joel, he then looks at the blog and notices I haven't posted anything in about a week (maybe more) and he says "You know if you don't keep doing things and posting them, no one will want to read your blog."....Hmmm, I decided I just cant win :-)

Joel, I sure do love you! I guess since no matter what I am sure I will always have more projects then I have time for, I will at least try to be a little better about keeping them posted.

As for right now I am trying to get ready for a big pirate party for our primary. Joel helped me make (Okay he made, I just cut felt) sling shots for each kids, and pea shooters. I also made some easy peasy pirate hooks. I'll take pictures of the big party tonight, it's hopefully going to be a blast!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

ruffle dish towel

High show stoppin' style!
The day after Christmas we have a family party at my grandparents house, everyone is supposed to bring a white elephant gift from home, since there arent many kids in my extended family, I told my kids instead of bringing a toy from home to exchange, they could each make something....Taran chose to decorate some dish towels.

I serged some 2"by WOF fabric strips for him...(sorry no 6 year old's on a serger with a super cutting knife)
Taran then made the long straight stitch to form the ruffle.

He pulled one thread to get the desired amount of pouff.

We pinned it on the towel.

He sewed this on too.

Here is the towel with the ruffles.

Then a little red ric rac made this towel high fashion!
This little dish towel was the feature of the day at the site Ruffles and Stuff, you can check out her cute site by clicking the button on the right. It was also featured here on Someday crafts, and also seen here on craft gossip....thanks guys! Also seen here on Sew What.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I was spotted!

So exciting my wedding aprons were posted on one pretty thing! SO exciting! Check it out here

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fabulous Flowers


More fabric flowers, each flower is made with cotton material sandwiching a layer of batting and then sewn together.

I make two of three different flowers depending on the project, in different sizes.

then sew the flowers together to make a multi-layered flower....
I've used these flowers in various projects, like the pillowcase dresses. These were just attached to an alligator clip.

Monday, December 14, 2009

wedding aprons

Simple wedding aprons for the server girls at my cousins wedding.
I used a shantung and a taffeta material....both of which made me long for good old cotton! I hated the way the shantung would snag and the taffeta would unravel, it really became quite frustrating, it also made me appreciate those who sew wedding dresses and the like, because I think some simple square aprons was enough for me!

The apron was a simple square cut 19x12.

Then gathered at one end, by sewing a straight stitch and pulling gently on one of the threads.

The tie was 4inch by width of fabric strip sewn into a tube, then flipped right side right.

The ruffle out of taffeta was also a 4inch by WOF strip sewn into a tube and then gathered....this was a pain, because the taffeta didnt want to let me pull the thread through.

The tie was pinned to the apron....

notice the super cute pins ;-)

and serged.

The ruffle was also pinned and serged. My serger wasn't loving the tight ruffle I made. I am sure I could have adjusted the settings on my serger, that is IF I had any clue how to do that ;-).

And Done! I made 5 of them for each of the servers, they turned out great, and luckily I only messed one up, which was fixed by adding a little ric rac over the mis-sewn area and calling it good!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

'flippin' cute ;-)

Here's the primary invites for an upcoming inservice. I got a spatula and added

You're gonna FLIP when you hear what we have planned for primary next year.

Im thinking I may incorporate that "Flippin" cute idea for a Christmas present.

Christmas Block Swap

I never posted my Christmas Swap blocks....I had joined a swap the was a global swap. We all had to make Christmas blocks using the 'scrappy block' pattern. It was so interesting receiving blocks from across the globe. I included a card, a postcard from Zions and a Utah keychain to travel with my 12 blocks to their new destinations.