Friday, October 22, 2010

Joe's new kidney transplant

This is my little niece Aubrey, she is the daughter of Joel's sister Holli and her husband Joe. They are trying to raise money for a new kidney transplant, their site is here.

Go and check out their site and read about their story. It's very touching!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lil' Golf Dress

I love little girls in dresses!....a lot!

This little dress was made with green corduroy material. The purple plaid material for the ties match the little diaper cover and hairbow.

I also added a cute little patch that simply said 'happy' on the front lower corner of the dress.


Monday, October 18, 2010


Some of my friends already know that I design cards, scrapbook pages, sewing projects whatever is needed for Jill. She is a Stampin'Up demonstrator (she was the 5th demonstrator to sign up in the company) It really is a blast making things, I've been doing it for years.

Here are some of the things I made for two recent get togethers she had. (No I did not make all of them on the whole wall)

My favorite is doing anything that needs to be water colored, I really do love the water color crayons that Stampin' Up sells, mine look so messy and used.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daniel Boone Costume

Daniel Boone, the man man who was responsible for the exploration and settlement of Kentucky....that's who Taran will be for Halloween.

His outfit was all home made!

I have waited to post this, in hopes that I would put him back in the outfit, but Im sure it wont happen until Halloween, so here is the basic idea of the outfit.

Pants: sewn with fringe at the bottom and along the pockets and made of a heavy duck cloth material

Shirt: a basic tunic

Vest: Made of a heavy duck cloth and complete with fringe on the bottom.

Hat: ....why a coonskin of course!

The old vintage wooden gun had a leather holster we made.

The look turned out great and worked well with Kyler Johnny Appleseed costume. I'll post more pictures when he puts it on again.


Trying to warm those legs up!

Here's the quick project I did (times many) in one morning before the kids even woke up....Leggings.

I made Parlee a bunch of leggings to go under the dresses she already has.

These were super fast with this pattern. There's not even elastic in the waist, which made them even faster!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fun tags...for lack of a better name.

I saw this fun tutorial on how to make your own hang tags....since I dont need hang tags but was curious to try out the tutorial, I made a few (I guess generic, regular, boring but I thought adorable, but not quite sure what to use them for, with the exception of the birthday one) tags.

The tutorial was found here.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Twirly circle skirt

Family wedding = sew new clothes!

Joely ended up with the circle skirt. I used this method here, and was happy with how super fast and easy it was!

Of course I made here wear some biker shorts to the wedding so that all spinning would be modest.

I think Joely and I may be matching soon, because I tried hers on and I totally want my own now too...I guess I should make a mini one for Parlee then we can be a whole family of circle skirts!


Johnny Appleseed costume

This year my 3 year old will be Johnny Appleseed for Halloween. I made this costume a couple of weeks ago for a parade that he and Taran were in.

So who was Johnny Appleseed?

He lived in the late 1700's-early 1800's. His real name is John Chapman. He planted appleseeds in the 'west' primarily Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Kyler was overjoyed (though I don't think that word would be strong enough to describe it) to be Johnny Appleseed. He oversaw every stitch that went into making his outfit. He faithfully has been watching the Disney Johnny Appleseed know to get into character.

For his costume, I made a basic tunic out of muslin, I added some color at the bottom of the sleeves. I also appliqued a small apple on the front. (It wasnt easily seen, due to the vest he wore. However Kyler and I both know it's there, and you can see it in the above photo)

His pants were just frayed levis he had grown out of.

His vest was easy to make...but I had never made a vest before, and quite frankly had NO CLUE how to make one....and I didn't want to buy a pattern...So, I took an old shirt and cut it up until in looked like a vest. Then I used the shirt as a pattern to cut out material to make his vest. It was so easy! Making a vest pattern out of a shirt was truly the way to go for this costume!

My favorite part of the costume was the bag and the hat!

The apple seed bag was made to go over his head and one shoulder. I made it out of a duck cloth, it was sturdy. I hand cut out an apple and stitched it on the front, then added the word "SEEDS" below it. We put some sunflower seeds inside the bag for him to sprinkle while he was in the parade. For Halloween he will use his appleseed bag to hold his goodies from trick or treating.

Johnny Appleseed was known for wearing a cooking pot for a hat (I of course googled this to see if it was true and why he did that, the best I could find is that yes, he did in fact wear a cooking pot and could use it to gather fruit).....For Kyler we actually had to buy several cooking pots to find the best fit ;-) We bought them all used, but when we would get home we would find most of them to small for his noggin! We finally found one that wasnt too heavy (cheap pots work best) I duct taped some rags inside to cushion his head, and wrapped a piece of thin elastic around the handles that could go under his chin when he wore it. Needless to say he have gone out to eat with Kyler wearing his pot hat ;-) To say he loves the hat is also an understatement!

I enjoy knowing that both my boys learning a bit of history while planning their costumes!