Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daniel Boone Costume

Daniel Boone, the man man who was responsible for the exploration and settlement of Kentucky....that's who Taran will be for Halloween.

His outfit was all home made!

I have waited to post this, in hopes that I would put him back in the outfit, but Im sure it wont happen until Halloween, so here is the basic idea of the outfit.

Pants: sewn with fringe at the bottom and along the pockets and made of a heavy duck cloth material

Shirt: a basic tunic

Vest: Made of a heavy duck cloth and complete with fringe on the bottom.

Hat: ....why a coonskin of course!

The old vintage wooden gun had a leather holster we made.

The look turned out great and worked well with Kyler Johnny Appleseed costume. I'll post more pictures when he puts it on again.


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  1. Very cute! My grandson dressed up as Daniel Boone this year and last with my husband's fringe leather suede jacket from when he was a baby. We went to Cowtown here in Wichita KS and got pictures taken. They look so authentic. My son (10 yrs. old) went as Buffalo Bill and my daughter (5 yrs. old) went as Annie Oakley and toted around a big fake gun. So much fun! They will remember it forever!


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