Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday was good to me this year!....and Joel ;-)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

pillowcase pizzaz

A pillowcase dress is twice as nice with fabric flowers adorning it!
Here's two pillowcase dresses (made with the infamous fabric flowers that I seem to always be sewing) Both of these dresses have already been paid for, I have to admit I am sad to see them go. Pictures of the full dresses will be posted later.

Singed Flowers

Here's some sneak peeks at some beautiful singed flowers I made for a wedding

Wont these look so beautiful in the little server girls hair. They have nine different fabrics, from Taffeta, organza, tulle, shantung and more. I think the end result was perfect!

Friday, November 20, 2009

organza flowers

When I wanted to make my singed flowers, I noticed a whole bunch of cute similiar things on the web. Here are several of the sites I looked at....

check here or this one on a dress
here Also this one here

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

blog featured

Click here and it will take you to a post where my blog was featured.

When I get a camera...

When I get a new camera I'd love to show pictures of what I have made this week
my first rag quilt (but it's been paid for by someone else, so it will be leaving my home this week)
3 skirts (one was the really UGLY one I made for Joely, that I later cut up)
and I am started on...
the boys Thanksgiving shirts
attempting to make 2 ties for a wedding
and 10 hair bows for servers at a wedding....
oh yeah and I have to get two pillowcase dresses made with matching fabric flowers for someone else.

Monday, November 16, 2009

bow tie

I had to bookmark this, for the boys' Christmas outfits...sorry boys the thanksgiving ones are almost done, but for Christmas they may just be wearing one of these bow ties! ....and also make one of these baby many projects

Here is another tie tutorial. I also found this tutorial for a Fathers and Sons tie....these all look so tempting to try out!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

fabric high chair

homemade by jill: fabric travel high chair

This is what I will probably be making tonight! Parlee may not be needing it for about another 9 months, but I figured I probably better make it while it's fresh on my mind....Isn't it such a cute idea?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 more fabric flowers

I just got done sewing 10 more fabric flowers, I think that puts my total of fabric flowers I have sew somewhere close to 200. Considering each one has 3 flowers sewn together to make one large flower, that's about 600 flowers I have sewn! WOW! They turn out so cute as luggage tags, hair bows and various other things. I only have a few here as the majority have been paid for. I wish I had a camera to take pictures! Maybe I'll see if I can load the cruddy one from my camera on here.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I just got back from the fabric store, I am going to attempt to make each of my kids a Thanksgiving outfit, so that they all co-ordinate. Hope they turn out! I'll be using this pattern of material, but the one I bought has the design in a darker blue, not brown. So it's a blue on blue combo. Joely will get a new skirt and maybe a co-ordinating shirt. Parlee will get a dress, and the boys will get shirts....that is if everything goes according to plan....and of course the girls will have matching hair accessories.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

brace face cupcakes

What better way to celebrate new braces then matching cupcakes! Don't they look just like Joely? We made little cupcakes complete with little candy brackets to bring to Joely's 3rd grade class tomorrow. I'm sure her braces will now be a big hit with the whole class.

tissue paper pom pom's

We are going to try and make these tissue paper pom poms, I finally found a site that had instructions. Apparently Martha Stewart once showed how to make these and has a link, so every site I would check just posted a link to her site, unfortunatly the link has been removed form Marthas site, so I had to do some major web searching to find someone who actually did her own step by step instructions. Here is her site, if you want to make some.

Okay here are some pictures from my attempt at tissue paper Pom Pom's. I didn't know how much tissue it would take to make one of them, so I will need to go and buy some more for Joely's room, but I think they turned out cute. If you do decide to make them they are time consuming, about 30-45 minutes for one.

Here's the site if you want step by step instructions.

baby shoes

I found this adorable pattern online that I bought to make your own little baby shoes. So I had to buy it, I had so much fun picking out material and getting all ready to make these cute little shoes....except I dont sew. Maybe a little problem, luckily my mom came over and helped me make my first pair today and they are so cutesy! I can't wait to make more....or at least I can't wait for my mom to come back over again so I can watch her make me another pair. SO here is the first attempt at a baby shoe, I will say I did make one shoe ALL by myself!

I just added the top two pictures, I made those shoes entirely by myself...whoo hoo!

Now, I just have to make the matching hairbow and baby bracelet...and of course pray that we have a girl ;)

baby shoes

These are just all turning out so cute. I can't get enough of them. Check it out, I actually did a matching bracelet this time!!!

surprise bags

Needless to say this post couldn't be put up until the last day. But here is the latest project I made (maybe I need a another blog for projects). We are surprising our kids with a trip to Disneyland, and whats a surprise without presents (trust me you'll see more when I post pics after the trip). I decided to make the kids each a Disney bag for the trip down.....once we break it to them where we are going, then I will give them each there surprise bag.

I found a cute Mickey print with coordinating polka dots for Taran and a festive Tinker Bell with a coordinating yellow fabric for Joely. (Kyler isn't going on this trip with us, so no bag for him)

As a major disclaimer I am not a seamstress, that's my mom. But I figured I could wing this project, and I am happy with the results. I am also pleased that everything is lined (the bag and both inside and outside pocket). I made some fun travel games and bought some educational stuff and some snacks to fill the bag with. I am so excited to give these to the kids, hopefully this will get them as excited for Disneyland as I am!!!!

Crayon Bag for Surprise bags

I made a pocket inside each of the kids surprise bags to put crayons and dry erase markers in it, then I decided to go one step further and I made little bags that they can put there crayons in and store it in the pocket. I tried doing an applique on the front, it was my first attempt at an applique, so it's not the best, but it's fun non the less :)

I made the crayon bags from the matching fabric as the lining on the insides of their larger surprise's got to all coordinate right?

Baby Onsie

Okay so technically we wont 'bring home' our baby, the baby will be born here, but here is my If it's a girl outfit. I swear I'll do something if it's a boy, just havent done anything yet.

Tye die

Today we had Sarah come over to tye dye some shirts with us, and I must say they turned out awesome. We needed some little elementary hippies ;)

Jade's baby gift

This is the first baby set I have made for a gift, I can't wait to see it on baby Jade.


So, my grandma goes out to lunch once a month with the girls from her high school graduating class. There are 24 ladies, so I made these cute magnets out of some bright flowers, then I added the word 'friend' under a flat marble. They turned out really cute, then I coordinated a paper that showed where they were meeting for lunch for the year. I hope my grandma's friends think they are as cute as I thought they were!