Sunday, November 8, 2009

surprise bags

Needless to say this post couldn't be put up until the last day. But here is the latest project I made (maybe I need a another blog for projects). We are surprising our kids with a trip to Disneyland, and whats a surprise without presents (trust me you'll see more when I post pics after the trip). I decided to make the kids each a Disney bag for the trip down.....once we break it to them where we are going, then I will give them each there surprise bag.

I found a cute Mickey print with coordinating polka dots for Taran and a festive Tinker Bell with a coordinating yellow fabric for Joely. (Kyler isn't going on this trip with us, so no bag for him)

As a major disclaimer I am not a seamstress, that's my mom. But I figured I could wing this project, and I am happy with the results. I am also pleased that everything is lined (the bag and both inside and outside pocket). I made some fun travel games and bought some educational stuff and some snacks to fill the bag with. I am so excited to give these to the kids, hopefully this will get them as excited for Disneyland as I am!!!!

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