Sunday, November 8, 2009

tissue paper pom pom's

We are going to try and make these tissue paper pom poms, I finally found a site that had instructions. Apparently Martha Stewart once showed how to make these and has a link, so every site I would check just posted a link to her site, unfortunatly the link has been removed form Marthas site, so I had to do some major web searching to find someone who actually did her own step by step instructions. Here is her site, if you want to make some.

Okay here are some pictures from my attempt at tissue paper Pom Pom's. I didn't know how much tissue it would take to make one of them, so I will need to go and buy some more for Joely's room, but I think they turned out cute. If you do decide to make them they are time consuming, about 30-45 minutes for one.

Here's the site if you want step by step instructions.

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