Monday, February 8, 2010

sweet pea purse

week 1 submission for SYTYC, with some additional pictures of the lining and cute Lori at the end! Thanks Lori!

"Flowers are happy things."
-P.S. Wodehouse

I love spring, and look forward to the flowers breaking through the soil. I think that this was part of what inspired me to think 'flower'.

This purse was made from soft suede, trust me it really is as soft as a rose petal!

I love the color green, so the 'split pea soup green' is just an added bonus here. When I found the green dot fabric, I knew I found my purse lining... fresh spring peas anyone??

Seriously I LOVE this fabric...i went to the store to buy some more and it was all sold out...Let me tell you I am majorly disappointed. green polka dots, I need more!!


  1. i LOVE this purse! A bit of a gasp when I saw it on the competition!!

  2. Love the purse. You should sell some of the stuff that you come up with. I know it would be great, especially with all of the EXTRA time you have. LOVE this weeks project too.

  3. Where can I find the pattern? This is the second blog I have ssen this purse on...Please do tell...

  4. Rhonda: Thanks you are too sweet

    Emily: HA! I may have an etsy site but notice the nice clean emptiness of it, can I buy extra time?

    Cindy: I made the pattern, if I can find some of that 'time' I'll make a pattern for others ;-)

  5. I love the purse. Hope you post the pattern.

  6. I would love to see a pattern/tutorial! I think this purse is just fabulous!!

  7. oh, i thought this was great. and voted for it!
    great job kristin

  8. Amazing bag! I would love a pattern or tutorial!!

  9. SO cute Kristin. I too think this bag is amazing. Super cute!!

  10. You must put up a tutorial for this SOOOO adorable purse!!! I would really love to have one for myself!

  11. So glad you shared this tutorial too! I love the color, I love the flower shape! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you used suede! I'd like to share a link on on April 26!

  12. Hi Kristin! Thanks for visiting my blog today! I love this purse! The color is gorgeous! I've been checking out your blog and you are a very creative lady!!!!

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