Sunday, February 28, 2010

Elastic Button closure

Making an elastic button closure can be really easy!

If adding the button closure to the back of a dress, you should have two pieces of fabric.....a left and right side. (or, in my case two scraps)

On the left side, working on the right side of the that's sound confusing doesn't it?!? Add a piece of cording that was cut 2 inches in length and then folded into a loop. have the edges of the cording towards the edge of the dress.

stitch into place. I zig-zaged over mine. Repeat as many times as you need buttons.

Then fold fabric over, about 1/2 inch. Iron.

Stitch from the front to secure and finish.

Walla, an easy closure to your dress.



  1. GREAT idea!!! Me and button holes don't get a long so well!! I always screw them up!

  2. Hi Kristin,
    I found you through SYTYC... how is it that you only have 56 followers??? you should have 1,000,000! Your stuff is AWSOME and I have voted for you every time! I am your newest follower! : )
    Good Luck! : )

  3. Still wating & hoping for the purse pattern : )


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