Monday, March 1, 2010

Retro Week and the Gidget dress

This was my submission for last weeks theme of 'Retro'

The Gidget Dress.....

Perfect for friends.....

Perfect for playing.....

Perfect for hugging.....

The Gidget dress is easy enough for a beginner. Made from linen, it lightly flows and is the perfect breathable fabric for spring and summer!

And as long as you are making one dress, you may as well make three so all the friends can match!

Made from a simple a-line dress. I will show you how I designed and made these simple dresses using clothes you own as a pattern OR by cutting up a cheap pattern to re-design your own.

These dresses have coordinating fabric buttons on the front (which I made with the linen from the dress). This dress also has a simple button down back that DOESN'T use button holes...So if you have been intimidated by button holes, there is no excuse to not make your own Gidget dress!

Here are some other Gidget pictures:

A very special thank you to sweet little Kennedy, Millie and Emma....seriously aren't they ADORABLE!!! Also, to my sister in law Maricela for taking the pictures, you can see more of her pictures on her blog here.


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  1. oh i am sooooo making one of these for my little Lucy!!! I LOVE them!!! (MAN you are rocking that competition eh????)


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