Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Family Home Evening Liahona

I have a wonderful neighbor who makes some pretty AWESOME stuff! I always loved the idea of the hanging family home evening charts, but honestly I just don't have any wall space to hang one up. One day Kerry showed me this Liahona he had made for his family, and it was instant LOVE!

I knew I needed to have one.

I have ours sitting on a table in our house, it goes perfect with our decor. My favorite part is that it doesn't take up tons of space. I wanted some of your guys to see some of the great stuff that he makes. Check out his etsy site here. His blog here. And he also has a website here. I had him send over some great pictures to show you some of the fun stuff he has.

So here is Kerry....

This is the Liahona Family Home Evening Chart that I created mid 2009, I was getting ready to make a family home evening board with the tags for my family and started thinking of ways that I could do something a little different than the regular board and tags, so.....this is what I came up with!

It is a great new way to keep track of whose turn it is for which activity, just turn the compass star each week to show whose turn it is next week. It does the same thing as a family home evening board but much more attractive, does not take up any wall space and is a great table top decoration.

I have also done them for families that all the kids are grown up and moved out, a nice little decoration with all the family's names on the "Liahona"

Here are some other things I came up with for wall decorations, something a little different than the regular square or rectangle designs

This is my favorite; this sword is made from 1/8" aluminum, is 36" long the handle is painted and wrapped with leather, and has the words "Return With Honor" cut into the blade (for decoration only)

and some round ones

if you want to see more pictures you can check out my blog at

these are available at our website

Here is the etsy shop too:

Thanks Kerry! I love all of his things and I am sure you will too. Let me know which ones are your favorites!



  1. HOLY cow that Liahona is AWESOME!!!!! I've shown it to a few people that have come over. It is so stinking cool!!!!

  2. It really is so cool, I should add some pictures of my was well worth the money!


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