Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweetwater Custom Labels

I am super excited about this post....Many of you saw the new labels I got....

I love them!

They were designed by Susan at sweetwater. The cute pea pod at the top of the blog was done by her. I have had some emails regarding the logo design and labels I had made.... So, I am going to have Susan explain a little more about you getting your own labels or your own logo.

I know my mom is excited to have some labels made for quilts she makes...she isn't interested in having a custom logo made up, she just wants the cute labels. Luckily sweetwater has a whole bunch of labels that are 'pre-designed' you just choose the colors and what it needs to say.
Susan shows some of them below, they are so dang cute!

I also have a friend who was curious as to who made the logo, because she is interested in having a new logo designed for a preschool she is planning on opening....see the possibilities are endless!

Okay let me just have Susan explain it to you!

First off - Thanks so much to Kristin for allowing us to create her logo and for letting us write something on her blog about our custom iron-on labels (we appreciate it!!!) She has told us that many of you are wanting more information on the labels and we are glad to give it.

The iron-on labels can be used to help personalize just about anything from clothing and bags to just about anything that you can iron and sew on. If you have a logo, we can use that image to create the labels or we would be happy to create a custom logo for you as well. Here are some custom logos that we have created -

We charge a flat fee of $100 to do a custom logo design. You will receive the file of the design and can use it on anything you would like - your blog, business cards, signs, etc., etc. It is yours to keep! If you would like pricing on iron-on labels with your logo on it please contact us at info@sweetwaterscrapbook.com and we would be happy to do a quote for you.

If you don't have a logo but would still like labels we can help you out as well! We offer a wide variety of pre-designed labels. All you have to do is tell us what color you want them and what you want them to say. Here are some examples -
For more information please visit our website!

Happy Spring - Susan

I hope you go and check out their blog, serious, spend some time.... there is so much to see!!! Let me also say, if you are new to all this type of stuff (like me). Susan will help you through the whole process. She made me comfortable with what was being done, and in the end I couldn't have been happier!

PS. If you head to there website today you could even enter for a giveway for some cute spring labels! Click here for that.


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