Friday, March 12, 2010

ComPuTeR CrAsH


My computer is crashing!

I love my little Apple laptop, but yesterday we noticed our iTunes was gone...all the music was lost. Then just barely I went to submit my entry for next weeks SYTYC and my pictures are ALL GONE! So I guess me and my computer will be visiting the computer Dr. tomorrow and see if anything can be recovered!


PS. I ended up in 2nd place this week on the SYTYC contest. I missed 1st place by 3 THREE votes!

Mine was the Tree House bunk bed clubhouse.



  1. oh that sucks with the computer!!! Hope you get it figured out! (And good work on the top 2 again!!) :)

  2. oh my ... sending you an email with some possible blog back-up information. Hope I'm not too late. Best of luck :o) ~j.

  3. I LOVED the bunk bed clubhouse! That will work perfectly for us, since we have a bunk bed and no space for a card table! 3 lousy votes!

    Good luck with the computer. That must be frustrating!

  4. I know i can't believe that...3 votes...crazy! Darn it! Loved the tree house bunk bed club house! Great job!

  5. I loved your entry and will do something like this as soon as my twin boys will be big enough for a bunk bed.


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