Sunday, March 21, 2010

CTR towel

Choose the Right

I made this simple towel for a very special girl in our ward who was baptized on Saturday.

Using the CTR shield from the primary manual, I copied it and traced the CTR onto a pink flower material that I placed wonder-under on.

I then satin stitched around the CTR and the outline of the shield. I stitched it onto a green flower print fabric. Once it was stitched onto the green fabric, I cut out the shield....added more wonder-under to the underside of the shield.

I then ironed it onto the towel and stitched around the outside of the CTR shield.

I saw this idea, done a little bit differently here. On here site you can download the CTR shield patterns and even a cute baptism poem to add to the pillow. Thanks Rachel for the inspiration!



  1. Oh it turned out so cute, I love that you satin stitched around everything!! Great idea!


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