Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 6....and a look back

Yipee! I made it to the final 5 of SYTYC...My goal has been met! Im even happier that my crafts have had good votes, and usually made it into 2nd place (that way i dont have to write a tutorial) Well, it's time once again to go on over and VOTE.

Here's a look at past crafts...a walk down memory lane ;-)

The food cozy posted here and tutorial here:

The sweet pea purse shown here:

The sailboat shower curtain shown here: here is the tutorial

The re usable lunch bag shown here and a tutorial here:

The gidget dress shown here and a tutorial here:

The carseat blanket shown here:


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  1. ooh they just look so awesome all lined up!! :) Congrats!!!!


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