Monday, September 20, 2010

fabric rosette hairbow tutorial

Have you seen the fabric hair bows that are starting to gain some popularity?

Well they are so easy to make.....Easy Peasy in fact!

Start with the fabric you want to use....just about any fabric will work, but if it's shear and thin, plan on possibly getting some hot glue gun burns later on ;-) This sample is cotton.

Rip a strip of fabric, this is the width of the fabric, and I didnt use it all. If you are making a cluster of 2-3 flowers each strip will be smaller in length to make smaller flowers. The fabric is about 1-1.5 inches wide.

Make a knot at the end of one side of your strip. Try to get as close to the end as possible.....if you dont get it right on the end, just cut off the excess. This knot will be the center of the flower.

Twist the strip a little bit, then glue knot down.

Continue twisting and adding hot glue to anchor the flower to the strip of fabric.

Twist and glue until the flower is the size you want, when it is, cut the strip off.

Take the little piece of fabric and glue it to the underside of the flower.

Now take some felt and cut it slightly smaller then the flower.

Hot glue flower onto hair clip, headband or whatever it's going on.

Then glue felt down to secure it to the clip.

Enjoy....or make some more.

This one will match perfectly with the dress I made parlee for her 1st birthday, but never posted pictures of her wearing the here she is on her first birthday, sans the new hairbow ;-)



  1. SUPER cute! Love that outfit you made her too! Amazing!

  2. Was that from the relief society thing the other night? Those were so dang cute, but boy did I hate doing that! I just plain couldn't make it look right! Ugh!!! Good job though, only hands that are creative like yours could pull those type crafts off.:)


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