Friday, September 24, 2010

~BOO~ bunting

The Patriotic bunting is down and the new Halloween bunting is up!

(don't you love Kyler swinging on the branch...too cute)

This one was made using the Stamping Up Pennant die with the Big Shot Machine. The machine cut out my pennants. I also have an alphabet set for the Big Shot machine. I simply added some wonder under to my felt, ran it through the machine with the letters BOO, and then ironed them to my project. Sometimes having scrapbook tools around make projects go by SOOOO much faster!

I also added the little ghosts to swing on some of the branches on the tree too.

It was a little windy out, so I had to hold them to take pictures of these little ghosts.



  1. oooh cute! I've been meaning to make a bunting but I never have. Maybe I'll do one for Lucy's birthday that is coming up and THEN a Halloween one too!


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