Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you ever feel like then just seems to be too much to do? That kind of seems to be my motto. In fact here is what I did with in the last week. It started out in SLC taking the kids on a little vacation and a quick stop by Lagoon.....both girls got sick in SLC and couldn't go to day I got sick. Decided as long as I'm out of town and sick I may as well start reading The Hunger Games....completely addicted to book. Drive home with my 4 kids, Joel stays in SLC to work (bummer).

Get back home, finish reading The Hunger Games, decide I MUST read book 2 Catching Fire. Read it. Must now read Book 3 Mockingjay. Trying to decide why I haven't read this series earlier, also wondering why I chose to read them all right now, because this week is crazy busy.

Monday: Night I drove home from SLC, got home 11:30 pm. Stayed up till 2:30 to finish Hunger Games

Tuesday: Read Catching Fire, seriously wishing I had more restraint when it comes to books, because I'm in charge of a Relief Society Enrichment night, and we will be doing a Project Runway (way too much later). Im at the church from 4:30-10:30 for Relief Society.

Wednesday: Make Johnny Appleseed costume for Kyler to be in a Parade this weekend.

Thursday: Make Daniel Boone costume for Taran to be in parade also. Get Mokingjay...Read it too.

Friday: Make Parlee a coat for Rodeo- family reunion this weekend too, decide after coat is done, that its WAY to hot in Southern Utah for a coat....Make Parlee a dress, diaper cover and hairbow for Rodeo.

Oh yeah and today is the Parade. Joel will be home tonight, so I do need to clean my house (cruddy!).

Besides this I also went to another wards Relief Society and learned how to make some cool headbands. Made a cupcake holder, worked on a big Stampin' Up get together for next week that I help with every year. Had Kyler start Pre-school. Made sure other 2 kids went to school, did home-work etc. Wondered why Parlee stopped taking her 2nd nap of the day. Wished my husband didn't always work out of town.

So, it seems that I slack on keeping up with this blog....I'm guessing you can see why ;-) However I'm hoping to actually blog about some of the things I've done, and maybe even some of the things I did this summer...I was girls camp director for our ward, so there were tons of fun projects done for girls camp. Last week I also started a kids sewing group at my house. Too much to do!!! But hopefully next week I'll start adding some of these projects onto here! Yipee!

Take Care.



  1. Well I'm glad you made a post! And you have convinced me to find those books and read them!!! I'm adding them onto the library list tonight!

  2. Story of my life girl! I need to learn to say no. :)


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