Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ender's Game fan trailer

So, I thought I was loading this on my family blog....oops.

Oh well, I came across this for my favorite book, makes me want to read it yet again!!!

This book always wanted to make me name a child Ender, just because the book is so awesome....funny thing is that I now live close to a guy who has that name. Must be a great book to others too! :-)


  1. Fun. I read that book years ago...must be time to pull it out again.

  2. Erin (Garber) Spears named her son Andrew after Ender. I love that whole series! You should check out some of the work that others have put into explaining the Enderverse:

  3. Well, you know according to the necklace, you do have one more boy. That was a good book.


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