Friday, September 24, 2010

Snow Blossom Peasant Dress

This is the first little peasant dress I've ever made, and I adore it so much....does that sound funny to love something you made yourself so much? Either way, it's true, I just LOVE it. She's worn it 3 times in the last week that it's been made. I washes up beautifully....Im just happy! In fact all these pictures were taken after it had been worn and washed a couple of times!

The pattern is from Heidi and Finn. They are my FAVORITE pdf patterns EVER! I have bought several patterns from etsy, but these just make me giddy! They are super fast, easy and clear to understand.

I also made a little diaper cover from MADE. The next one I make I will do the waist a little smaller, I guess I have a skinnier baby then I realized. I should have measured her waist, but since I do most of my sewing when kids are asleep, it just didnt happen. They still fit, just big at the waist.

I also made her a little matching fabric rosette hairbow.

I love that the waist band tie and the diaper cover match....It was the perfect amount of polka dots.



  1. LOVE the fabric choice... And thanks for the tip on Heidi and Finn, they have great stuff and I have never heard of them before. I am also laughing because i just bought some fabric for a halloween bunting. I am waiting to get my moms Circut from my sis to finish it.

  2. I Love Love Love that dress. It is SO cute! It almost makes me want to sew one for Malia. I wish I had the time. Parlee is getting so big! What a cutie.

  3. Super cute - I just checked out the etsy store and can't decide what I like the most. I think my daughter and nieces might be receiving a new dress for their birhtdays this year. Thanks for sharing.


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