Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kids pillowcases

It's time for my weekly kids craft and sewing class.

We have our first sewing project. A new monogrammed pillowcase for their beds!

Two weeks ago we went over sewing machine safety and I also printed out a bunch of sewing sheets for them to practice on. (click on the link, then go to sewing sheets) The sewing sheets featured straight lines. circles. wavy lines, boxes etc. The kids are supposed to sew each paper for practice, before tackling their first real sewing project. The site that I downloaded the sewing sheets from suggests attaching a piece of material to the back of each paper for them to sew on. I did NOT do that though. I took the tread out of my machine, and the kids just practiced sewing on the that it would punch holes in the papers. Then I went over the papers with them and explained where they may be having problems. Though truth be told they were all GREAT at sewing these patterns, and they would point out to me where the 'dots (from the needle) didnt go exactly on the lines'

First off the kids picked two fabrics that they loved.

We put that aside and then worked on our monograms. Each monogram was made from felt (it's just more durable). The made a scallop circle, circle and the first letter of their name. Each piece of felt had wonder-under on the back side. That way they could be ironed together, then they sewed around the edge of the circle. Of course I made it easier on us, by having them cut the felt with the Stampin' Up Big Shot and dies.

I have a great pillowcase pattern, but for the kids I went with the super easy pillowcase pattern found here. It was very KID friendly!



  1. What a fabulous idea. I'm sure they loved making them.

  2. So Cute! Now this is something I could actually do! I think I'll make each of my kids one for Christmas! Thanks for the fun idea!


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