Sunday, September 26, 2010

Relief Society Project Runway

Just for fun, I thought I'd post some pictures from a RS enrichment night we did. The theme was Project Runway.

Each table was given a model from the Young Womens, and a mystery wrapped box on their table. Inside the box was newspaper, duct tape and a slew of other random things, from CD's, ornaments, diapers, fake fur, feathers, wrapping paper, plastic cups and plates....seriously items that were probably VERY difficult to work with. Then each table had 1/2 hour to make an outfit for their model.

It was hilarious, and also amazing what these women could make with crap!!!

Here are just a few pictures of the craftiness that went on.

This table used the stars that were table decorations to make her tiara and necklace...clever

This was the winning design...can you believe they made that contrasting trim at the bottom, and also a bellero...there was just not enough time for this type of craftiness! Her hair-tie (which you cant see) was made from a plastic lid that they cut a hole out of and put a ponytail through, then they decorated up.

The flapper dress with tons of hand cut foil tissue.

Each table also had to write out the 'script' that would be said while the girls modeled their outfits....this table had the FUNNIEST script ever. They described their purse (made from a diaper) as absorbant and able to hold more then you would expect. Too true! (you should have seen the rolled flower accent's made from a plastic table cloth on her outfit)

Other tables would describe things like 'hand blown glass earings'...really a balloon hanging from their ears....way way way to creative.

The winning table with their creation, complete with their WINNER crowns ;-)

Hope you enjoyed some pictures of our great night!



  1. What a fun night! I'll have to suggest this to our RS Enrichment Leader :)

  2. oh my heavens that looks fun! Maybe I'll bring it up for an activity too!

  3. HA HA I got a kick out of those pics. I love it!


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