Monday, March 8, 2010

Sailboat Shower curtain and towels

Thanks to all who voted for me!

We are loving our new bathroom set-up! So here it is the sailboat shower curtain and towels.

Arrr Matey!

Calling all Captains! Get ready to set sail on the 'bubbly' sea. bring your floaty toys and your wash cloth!

Let the adventure begin for the little boys in your life with this Appliqued shower curtain and towels.

Your little captains will take adventure to the high seas every time they take a bath.

So when it's time to 'swab the decks' they may just listen!

Complete with this on the back!



  1. Love Love love it! (And the boys look pretty stinking cute too!)

  2. AHHHHHHHH. I just posted a really long comment. And then wosh it vanished...

    anyway for the jest of it. I sent you an email too...but just wanted to let you know how awesome you are! You are too kind. I was just having one of those break down know the kind when you shouldn't just say anything...cause nothing is really bugging you in are just kind of bugged...

    And I have to let you know the second I say your project I LOVED it and I knew it was totally yours! So yeah for you!!! It really is incredible, I have made something like that and it was a TON of hurray for you!!!

    Thanks again for being so kind!!!

  3. I voted for this one! I can't believe it didn't win, I think it is so cute! And never has it crossed my mind to applique on a shower curtain! So cute! I hope you don't mind if I share a link to this tutorial on on March 13!

  4. I just realized there isn't a tutorial for this one, but I love it! You should make a tutorial! It's so cute! :) I also LOVED your Sweet Pea Purse!


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