Monday, March 22, 2010

Switch it up pillow

Which Pillow to Choose?

Ever asked yourself that same question?

The 'Switch It Up' Pillow gives you several different looks..... so your home can have it all this year.

The pillow features several 'panels' that can be interchanged, as fast as your mood changes.

I love love love how I did the crazy lines around the edges of the panels...I seems more like a doodle then sewing if you ask me!

Store the additional 'panels' in the zipper compartment in the back.

*note* this was my first zipper back pillow....I was surprised that it really was super easy to do and was nice to have a place to store the other parts of the pillow

Take one out, and attach it to the front.

The front has been stitched with the word "SPRINGTIME"

Now you can have the fun 'Switch It Up' pillow too. My Panels include a flower, a bumble bee (with a 'flappy' wing) and an Easter egg. You can use my patterns or make your own panels for your pillow. Your sure to make a statement with your original pillow.



  1. That is cool! I want to make a holiday season one. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas

  2. So, I think you are my new BFF and when I use your tutorial to make one, you will forever be my favorite person! I {HEART} this so much and I was so sad it didn't win.

  3. okay, I'm following you now..where we going? Happy Birthday! The pillow is adorable!

  4. Totally cute!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  5. What a cute pillow idea! Thank you so much for sharing - and happy birthday!!!

    Oh, I *would* follow you today, but I've BEEN following for a little bit now ;o)

  6. happy birthday and I wish you love, health and a lot of money.
    I love this pillow and adore all your work.
    greetings from Germany


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