Monday, February 1, 2010

SYTYC...week 1

It's the first week of the SYTYC competition.
...and wow there are some fun things I want to make!

I cant tell you which one is mine, but I can say I had fun making it....My goal for each week that I stay in the running is to make something that I want in my house, I don't want to make a project just to make one. I want to end up with projects that perhaps I have wanted to do or try and submit those....hope I make it far enough to try new things!

Go vote here. and let me know which one you think is mine ;-)


  1. I did vote and if you made what I think you made ... I HAVE to have the pattern. Very nice job Kristin and best of luck! ~j.

  2. I voted - it was easy to spot your project with cute Lori in the picture!

  3. From the looks of looks like you're from Southern Utah. Snow Canyon to be area.We are from there too but not currently living there. My in-laws live in Ivins. Good luck in the competition. Loved your entry this week...atleast i'm pretty sure it was your entry!!!

  4. I voted I hope it was 4 you! I love seeing all your fun projects it makes me want to get more into all the crafts.

  5. I voted for you last week! I love your project, and I hope you might put the tutorial up on your blog (pretty please!).


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