Friday, February 19, 2010


I just read the blog of another SYTYC crafter. Her name is Linda and a VERY talented person, she just posted that she is planning on withdrawing from the SYTYC contest due to some rude comments...Boy can I relate (and my family too) as I myself considered withdrawing because of rude comments. But was encouraged to stay in, it's all supposed to be fun and to test what we can come up with for a given theme.

Perhaps you could go to her blog and encourage her to keep going! Here is her blog Craftholics Anonymous.



  1. It really is sad that people feel the need to lash out and make other people feel bad. I have already left a comment for her. Hopefully she will get an influx of more after this post!

  2. Really people are making rude comments??? WHY? That totally stinks!!!

  3. It's really got to be the same person...out to get all of us competitors...they won't win!!! LOL!!! All seriousness aside. I am tired of being told they know which craft is mine when I am trying so dang hard not to make it obvious...and argh...that my craft wasn't up to par last week...then don't vote for it! That's all I have to say about that!

  4. That's so sad! I hate when people are so negative. I think if you don't have anything nice to say you shouldn't say anything at all. Just keep your mouth shut. Why do people feel like they should try and bully people? How sad their life must be!!!


  5. Kristin,
    You're so sweet!! Thanks babe! You've been so kind to listen to me ranting these past couple days. Good luck and go craft your socks off at SYTYC! ;)

  6. I am astounded that anyone would have the nerve to be rude to you.
    you are so totally talented and so is Linda!
    please stick with it!
    this contest was the reason I found your blog to begin with!

  7. Love that you are looking out for someone else's good!!
    Also, I voted for your meal cozy - we do get a tutorial, right!!!?! I hope so!

  8. I just came over from SYTYC to see if you'd posted a tutorial for your fabulous Food Cozy yet. I cannot believe that anyone would make a rude comment. All of the crafters are so talented. Don't listen to any negativity. They're just jealous :-).


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