Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yo Ho Ho

Okay, so here is the conversation I had the other night....

Joel "you do way to much, I feel like there is always something we are preparing for; some party, some event....blah blah blah" I hear this conversation often, and it's 100% true, I usually do have more going on then I have time for. But then the other night I had mentioned that someone had featured my blog, and I really don't have anyone to be excited with, so I try to spread my joy with Joel, he then looks at the blog and notices I haven't posted anything in about a week (maybe more) and he says "You know if you don't keep doing things and posting them, no one will want to read your blog."....Hmmm, I decided I just cant win :-)

Joel, I sure do love you! I guess since no matter what I am sure I will always have more projects then I have time for, I will at least try to be a little better about keeping them posted.

As for right now I am trying to get ready for a big pirate party for our primary. Joel helped me make (Okay he made, I just cut felt) sling shots for each kids, and pea shooters. I also made some easy peasy pirate hooks. I'll take pictures of the big party tonight, it's hopefully going to be a blast!


  1. Samuel loved the party! When he got home he was showing Chuck his sling shot and I just had to laugh when Chuck said, "Poor Joel". I asked him what he meant and he said, "I'm sure he had to make these."

    In our Vegas ward the Bishopric Counselor over Primary called Chuck my third couselor because I was always making him help me with my crazy projects. Aren't husbands great!!!

  2. I thought the party turned out great! All the hard work paid off!


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