Monday, December 14, 2009

wedding aprons

Simple wedding aprons for the server girls at my cousins wedding.
I used a shantung and a taffeta material....both of which made me long for good old cotton! I hated the way the shantung would snag and the taffeta would unravel, it really became quite frustrating, it also made me appreciate those who sew wedding dresses and the like, because I think some simple square aprons was enough for me!

The apron was a simple square cut 19x12.

Then gathered at one end, by sewing a straight stitch and pulling gently on one of the threads.

The tie was 4inch by width of fabric strip sewn into a tube, then flipped right side right.

The ruffle out of taffeta was also a 4inch by WOF strip sewn into a tube and then gathered....this was a pain, because the taffeta didnt want to let me pull the thread through.

The tie was pinned to the apron....

notice the super cute pins ;-)

and serged.

The ruffle was also pinned and serged. My serger wasn't loving the tight ruffle I made. I am sure I could have adjusted the settings on my serger, that is IF I had any clue how to do that ;-).

And Done! I made 5 of them for each of the servers, they turned out great, and luckily I only messed one up, which was fixed by adding a little ric rac over the mis-sewn area and calling it good!

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