Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trek Time

I haven't been posting much lately....that's just because I have been enjoying lots of family time!

Today I woke up at 5:30, met up with a group of people at 6:30am, and dropped my husband off to do the TREK with the youth in our ward. Trek is a three day hike, where they act like the early pioneers who crossed the plains.
Everyone is supposed to dress trek appropriate: Dresses, bonnets, aprons and pantalooms for the girls. Boys wear long sleeve shirts, hats and suspenders....The real kicker is that EVERYTHING they pack, must be packed in a 5 gallon bucket. And let me tell you there is not a lot of room in one of those buckets!!

My mom and I helped the youth make bonnets and aprons. They all did so great!

Many of the items to make the bonnets and aprons look so great were donated! So a huge thank-you to.....

Sweetwater for the great labels! The girls LOVED them!!!! Here is a link to there etsy site.

Quilted works for donating some of the fabric....I need to find a current site for them to link too.
Other fabric was donated by a dear friend, leaving not too much to have to bought by my mom and myself!



  1. What an adventure! It's so much work to get ready for trek. Way to go...and good luck to your spouse.

  2. Hey Kris ... I think your man makes a great looking pioneer-man! They're in for an
    interesting time.

    We finally get the answer to "what are
    you doing with all that wonderful fabric!"
    Once again, your creative hands have worked

    Enjoy the time with your family ... a
    WONDERFUL reason to be "blog-absent." :o} ~j.

  3. Trek! Haven't gone since I was 16, and not too sad about it! Great job with all the bonnets, and hope it is fun and the weather is dry!


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