Tuesday, November 2, 2010

baby shower dresses

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a baby shower. I found out about it the night before, and the shower was at noon the next day...In other words no time to run into town and buy something.

So I made a cute little dress for baby and one for big sister.

I made them to fit next year because...

1. Im not a fan of anything but comfy clothes on teeny babies.
2. Im not a fan of dresses on crawling babies...


That leaves a dress for a 'just starting to walk baby'

Big sisters dress will fit next year too. I also like when I got presents that werent all 0-3 months. I ended up with many of those and not much else for that first year when they grow so fast.

I also made little hang tags to go on the dresses. I've never had a reason to make a hag tag before, but thought it would be a fun touch...it kind of makes me want to make more dresses so I can add a cute little hang tag to the project ;-)

I bought A LOT of these gray fabrics to complete so other dresses for more little girls who will be born soon or have been born already but I've been procrastinating making anything.



  1. I love that when you have NO time, that means, "hey, I will just make something". Me on the other hand, NO time means, run to Walmart, they are open all night. Very cute. It was good to talk to you today.

  2. They turned out so cute. And I would totally decided I would rather make something that will take three hours than run to the store which would take one.

  3. How beautiful.

    You're DEFINITELY invited to my next baby shower....and I will be inviting you VERY short notice!!


  4. These are so beautiful! Love your fabric choice.


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