Sunday, January 10, 2010

Audition Week

What an exciting week....Go over to 'So you Think your Crafty' one of the projects on there is mine....which one is mine, well I cant tell! I am hoping to make it through round one! If by chance you are checking out my blog for the first time...WELCOME! Please feel free to follow my blog, you'll be one of the first ;-) and take a button! ooh, I just checked out ALL the other crafters blogs, their is some fun stuff out there! You can check out everyone's bios here.


  1. I did a bit of sleuthing on "Meet the Crafters" and have deduced that you made the car seat blanket. I know you have to be anonymous right now, but I'm wondering if you plan on posting a tutorial at some point (either here or there)? I absolutely love what you've done! I've added you to my Google Reader and plan to look over all of your creations for ideas and inspiration. Thanks!

  2. Kristin-
    Good luck to you as well! I hope I make it to compete!!! Looks like you are if the above is true!!!

  3. Kristin, congrats! I didn't realize you'd be in the next session. Have fun with it!


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