Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring button toddler dress

I LOVE spring!

Yet sometimes I feel ansy about spring because I know that summer is just around the corner, and though I love my kids being home from school and I love the freedom the summer brings, well here in the desert it also brings too much heat! Even though I have never lived anywhere but the desert, I still cant bring myself to enjoy 110 degree heat day after day. The addition of having super pale skin for myself and my kids, means lathering on sunscreen and still burning....So with as much as I love spring, I know that the dreaded heat is just lurking around the corner. In fact today is supposed to be in the 80's and tomorrow 85 degrees....can I put a pause button on the weather?

Okay, so spring.

That means its time for cute little dresses with little diaper covers. I found a little pattern for a dress, but I've changed it so dang much I don't think I'll put the original reference, as I've re-drawn one for what I needed. I added a faux button placket to the front....this was the main reason for doing his dress, because I FINALLY figured out how to make button holes on my high tech sewing machine! (I'm not joking I couldnt figure it out for the longest time!) So to celebrate my happiness I just wanted to make a lot of button holes....of course that meant hand sewing on a lot of buttons too :-) The button on front dont 'work' they are just their for looks, because the dress is put on with the real working buttons on the shoulders.

The diaper cover was from MADE. Some adjustments I made for the diaper cover is I made it about a half inch higher in the waist (I have a tall daughter), but I sloped the front down a bit, because her belly is big and everything sits bellow her large Budah belly.

The buttons were actually from Stampin' Up. They have some super cute buttons! I also made the shirt under the dress (in 15 minutes before pre-school started none-the-less) It was just a simple peasant dress style that I made into a shirt....the shirt is actually too short for wearing alone, I just made it for under the dress. I also lined this dress with knit yet the front is made from quilters cotton. I wasnt sure how combining the two materials would work, but they have washed up just fine, and know the inside is comfy soft.

Hooray for spring and Hooray for making more dresses!

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  1. I love all the buttons and I'm glad you're back!


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