Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Re-usable lunch bag by Rhonda

I met Rhonda through my blog, and I am SO glad I did! I have enjoyed emailing her and getting to know her a little bit better. She has two fun blogs, one that is more personal but fun to read, it's called Life as I see it! The other that showcases her photography. I can spend hour looking at peoples photo's even though I don't know anyone in them, I just love great pictures! Yesterday Rhonda made this lunch bag, and I KNEW I needed to show more people! Seriously how Cute is this....

My mind has been going a million miles an hour thinking of all the cool drawing my kids have made that I would love to see 'eternalized' on projects.

I was also glad to know that one of my tutorials could actually be done, and even better could be done during nap time!

So here is Rhonda.....

"Hello! My name is Rhonda and I blog at here!

I spotted Kristin's post and thought hey I can make
that and I already have enough scraps around to do it.

I used her step by step instructions and it was super duper fast to
sew too!!

I cut out my pieces for the outside and the liner just as she said
and then decided I wanted to personalize the bag for my son. He is a
7 and a real artist. He has piles of art work and sketch pads full of
work. So I took one off this page

and traced it onto my outside material. (I used a thick muslin,
almost canvas, material I had in place of the Cord material Kristin

I did some embroidery. Then it SCREAMS ALDEN to me :)

The finished product, full of lunch! I'd say the whole thing took me
30 minutes - mostly that long cause of the embroidery, without that
it would have been half the time at least!

Thanks Kristin!!!! :)"



  1. That's awesome! I totally want one for Ash and myself.....but I don't sew. Happy to buy them tho ;)


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